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Minibus Hire Wythenshawe

Manchester International Airport sits in Wythenshawe. The airport is extremely busy during major matches. With over millions of football fans around the world, Wythenshawe hosts millions of visitors every now and then. The town is also the home of South Manchester University Hospital. The medical facility receives tourists on medical grounds as well.

There are over 70,000 people in Wythenshawe with a population of over 52,000 working in business parks, the hospital and the in the airport. The town is a large economy with household names like PZ Cussons, Virgin Media, Microsoft and Shell with outlets there.

Minibus hire Wynthenshawe provide transport solutions in and out the busy town. We stand out from the competitors in so many aspects. Our prices are extremely competitive. That said, our services are high quality.

We have invested time and resources in picking the right staff to serve you. We are devoted to give our clients a customer experience that they will not forget. This is clear from the first interaction with us, either on phone or physically. Our team of staff is always ready and happy to serve. Once you let us into your needs, we will take you through the different vehicles available. We have a variety of cars in the 8-10 seater minibus, 12-14 Wynthenshawe seater minibus and 16-18 seater minibus. If you are in need of a bigger bus than the 16-18 seat minibus, the coach hire should match your needs.

Given our many years experience in the field, we have over time learnt and are now able to hear the unspoken needs of our customers. The quality of service we offer is unique. We give value as we advise on anything that is a potential problem and help you avoid it.

For family units that wish to travel together, our 8 seat and 10 seat minibuses, or our 12-14 seat Wynthenshawe minibus is a perfect fit. All the units have air conditioning gadgets to moderate the temperature. The seats are comfortable and recline to various positions to provide the utmost comfort. All the vehicles have sliding roofs that can be open if the passengers wish.

Minibus Hire Manchester has car experts on board. The engineers carry routine maintenance to ensure that the cars are on top notch. After every trip, before the vehicle can be rented out to them, inspection is done. If any abnormality is detected, the well trained team corrects it immediately. The cars undergo regular service to ensure there are no incidences on the roads.

Whether you choose to be have a designated driver on board or opt for self-drive, we have all the vehicles fitted with the GPS tracking system. We appreciate that not all clients have the same set of needs hence offer a wide variety of options. Over the years, minibus hire provide unmatched services.

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